This was to be a story about the Bronze Ring Event in Arkansas but due to unfortunate circumstances, we were forced to cancel the event. So, I sat down on my front porch to compose an article and my mind was bouncing everywhere, not settling on a single subject. Then I thought to myself, I was doing nothing but wasting…
Summertime in the South mean high temperatures, high humidity, and high demands on your time for family vacations and Symposium travels. We have air-conditioning to combat the hot and humid months but there is no fortress to protect our valuable time from the tyrannies of life. Yet, somewhere in the midst of all these demands of daily life, we must find a little time to prepare for a new ringing season ahead. The time is upon us.

  • Are your bells ready for a full season of ringing? If not, contact the manufacturer to see if there is time for a refurbishment or if there is an authorized representative that can help.
  • Do you have a repertoire for the upcoming season? Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost; do you have all special occasion and performances covered? If not, make a performance schedule, select your music, and put together a rehearsal plan.
  • Are you prepared for all the techniques you have in your newly selected repertoire? Do you have correct mallets, singing sticks, ample sets of gloves, music folders, etc. Now is the time to prepare.

With a little thought and planning, we can kill the two headed dragon of panic and procrastination and continue this season prepared to enjoy the music, enjoy the fellowship and most importantly, honoring and praising God.
Don’t forget when you are planning the year ahead, set a few new goals for your choir. Maybe grow your choir by two or three members or let a couple of your ringers try their hand at directing a piece while you enjoy ringing for fun. Attend a local festival or other event to learn new things and make new friends. Although Covid may have drained a lot of the joy from our lives over the past few years, I believe it is time we bring the joy back and make ringing fun again.

~ Scott Wilson, Arkansas State Chair